What is Pilates?

Pilates is a term for a method of specific exercises that address the entire body, using a strong mental focus while learning and doing the exercise. The current term Pilates is based on the work of Joseph Pilates, and includes many of his original exercises and equipment. He called his method Contrology. One goal of Pilates exercise is to make sure it is done with maximum control and precision while minimizing tension. There is a strong emphasis on the breath, a good mind-body connection, strengthening while stretching, balanced muscle development and working rhythmically from a strong and stable torso. There are many exercises on both the mat and the special Pilates exercise equipment, also known as apparatus.



What is Pilates at Armonk PT and Sport Training?

Our Pilates department is focused on providing a custom Pilates exercise regime. We use an interdisciplinary approach to support all our clients, patients and athletes and to maximize their potential. We work closely with PT, OT/Hand Therapy, Schroth PT, Pelvic Pain PT and Athletic Training to provide an optimal level of challenge, building ability while respecting our clients’ specific anatomical makeup. We maintain open communication as needed to modify and update our clients’ needs and goals. We can also provide services to new client referrals from outside Armonk PT.



What are some of the benefits of Pilates?

Consistent Pilates training can help improve flexibility, balanced muscle development, posture, skeletal alignment and balance. For the rehab patient, Pilates often helps bridge therapy sessions and return to functional activities and sport. For the athlete, Pilates can provide exposure and training of movements and mobility not regularly accessed in their sport specific training program. Many athletes claim Pilates has significantly added to their quality of movement improving performance and assisting with injury prevention.



What is a Comprehensive Pilates Instructor?

Our Pilates Instructors are fully trained with approximately 500 hours of education, personal Pilates sessions, teacher observation and student teaching—all required in order to apply to take the comprehensive test with their educating body. Once the instructor passes the practical and written comprehensive test, they are issued a certificate of completion. Teachers are required to maintain continuing education hours with their school as well. Currently, our instructors are trained with Balanced Body, who provides an education steeped in the history of Joseph Pilates’ method woven with current concepts in movement science. Balanced Body is considered a global leader in contemporary Pilates Education and Equipment manufacturing. Who can do Pilates at Armonk PT? We can work with multiple special populations, including but not limited to: all types of post-rehab orthopedic patients, cancer patients, pre and post natal women, dancers, golfers, runners, musicians, voice and theatre clients, autistic and developmentally disabled individuals, teen, adult and off-season athletes.



What Pilates services does Armonk PT offer?

-Private Mixed Apparatus, Mat Pilates sessions
-Duet Reformer/Tower, Mat Pilates sessions
-Virtual Mat Pilates with Props via FaceTime



What equipment does Armonk PT have in the studio?

Our studio is equipped with a convertible Cadillac/Reformer, a Clinical Reformer, an Exo chair, a Half Barrel, plus rollers, Pilates circles, Toe and Foot correctors, therabands and an oov.



Who are the Pilates instructors at Armonk PT and Sports Training?

Denise Maloney, LMT, NCPT is a NYS licensed Massage Therapist specializing in Myofascial Release, and a Comprehensive Pilates Instructor.

Education: Taylor Techniques Fascial Therapist Certification 2019 Comprehensive Pilates Instructor, Balanced Body 2015 Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher 2015 NYS license for Massage Therapy, Healing Hands Institute, 2004 Associate Degree, Fashion Marketing & Management, Berkeley College, White Plains, 2001

Stephanie G. Younes, NCPT is a comprehensively certified Pilates instructor. She first discovered Pilates and began her teacher training journey in 2016 with The Pilates Center at award-winning wellness center InsideOut Body Therapies in Durham, NC. After moving with her family back to NY, she completed her 450-hour training at Equinox, where she also began her teaching career. During the pandemic, she left Equinox and began teaching at Pilates Glow, a classical studio in Harrison where she continues to teach today.

A former competitive gymnast with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis measuring 42, Stephanie was braced through high school and scheduled for a spinal fusion. By a twist of fate (pun intended), the surgery never happened. Twenty-two years later, she discovered the Schroth method through her Pilates continuing education and found Katalin. Since then, her pain has decreased and quality of life improved. She finally found what she was searching for!

Under the guidance of Karena Thek, founder of the Scolio-Pilates method—a three-dimensional scoliosis-specific exercise program incorporating Schroth techniques—Stephanie is on track to become the second person in New York state to receive this certification. She is excited to share her experience and knowledge and get to know the Armonk PT community. Originally from Rhode Island, she lives in Harrison and is a mom to two girls, Stella and Sophie. She enjoys traveling, reading and writing and spending time with friends and family.

Stephanie G. Younes, NCPT (Pilates Method Alliance 2023) is a Comprehensive Pilates Instructor (Equinox, 2021). She completed Modules 1 and 2 of the Scolio-Pilates certification (2023) and is AED and CPR certified (American Red Cross 2023). Education: Bachelor of Arts, Journalism, with a minor in Italian (Ithaca College 2003).

Denise Maloney
Licensed Massage Therapist

Stephanie Younes
Pilates Specialist


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