It is hard to put into words when someplace is so special, when the services provided are so outstanding, and when the people who provide those services are so incredibly talented and accommodating. However, that is the essence of Armonk Physical Therapy & Sports Training. The trust that I have for their professionalism and their ability to heal is such that I have been a patient myself (on multiple occasions), and I have had my wife, my mother and my children work with Rob Fay in order to assist them with various sports and non-sports related injuries. With ailments ranging from ankles to knees to wrists on hands, Rob and his staff have a 100% healing rate for our family… Oustanding. In Addition, as a personal injury attorney who is interacting with the medical profession on a daily basis, I can comfortably state that Armonk Physical Therapy & Sports Training is the most efficient, effective and professional group of health care professionals that I have ever worked with. Their results are excellent and they make the experience of healing an incredibly pleasant and productive journey. They rate an A+ in every possibly category.

-Billy C.

We’ve been going to Armonk Physical Therapy and Sports Training on and off – as needed- for more than ten years. Whether it’s for therapy after major surgery or to address the occasional strains and pains of everyday activities or for personal training to stay fit, Armonk PTST’s professional staff has never failed to help us. They are unique in their philosophy of giving each client the sole attention of the therapist or trainer for an entire hour. The facility is well equipped and well maintained; the atmosphere is calm and welcoming. All services are provided with the highest of professional standards and one-on-one personal attention. It may sound like an oxymoron, but Armonk PTST makes therapy and exercise enjoyable!

-Ann and Steve L.

As a local physician in the area, I have trusted Armonk Physical Therapy and Sports Training with my patient needs for more than ten years. The one-on-one hour long sessions provided by Rob Fay and his staff routinely lead to excellent outcomes. I have the utmost confidence that my patients will always get the most up to date and best care possible when I refer to them.

-Dr. Ron Levine

My family and I have been patients of Armonk PT on and off over the years. I am not only a critical consumer but an MD as well. I am so impressed by the therapists high level of clinical knowledge and their commitment to staying current with continuing ed. They are focused on pain reduction and return of function and your regaining independence asap! I have never felt more confident in a team of physical therapists and trainers.

-Randi F.

Playing an intense yearlong basketball schedule, especially as a forward, is certainly physically demanding, and getting hurt is inevitable. But Rob and the Armonk PT staff have been the absolute best in helping me recover from my various injuries, both minor and significant. With their expert, one-on-one patient care, I was never stuck standing around or unsure of how to best get better. That really makes a big difference-several times in my basketball career I’ve had knee injuries that I thought would sideline me for a long time, but Rob guided me through a step-by-step therapy regimen that soon got me back on the court playing at 100%-and even stronger and more stable than before. They really care, and the results show. I would without a doubt recommend Armonk PT. After my experience with Rob and his staff, I feel healthier, stronger and much more prepared to stay injury-free.

-Matthew T.

I came to Rob Fay and Armonk PT not being able to climb steps except by one step at a time. Then, I fell on my shoulder and an MRI showed an “acute rotator tear”. The doctors at Hospital For Special Surgery had at first considered surgery, but then they referred me to Rob. I cannot praise Rob and the staff at Armonk PT enough. No surgery, and now I am running up and down stairs, moving with NO shoulder pain and perfectly able to function normally. I cannot remember the last time I took a Tylenol. My husband and I just returned from a Caribbean Cruise which would have been impossible to consider 7 months ago. Thank you Armonk PT.

-Barbara N.

I am so thankful to you, my hero, for helping me to walk pain free; and to get back on the court was a bonus that, at one time, I thought might never happen.


Physical therapy is one of the most powerful treatments available for our patients. The key is to find the right therapist. Rob and his staff at Armonk physical therapy are some of the best.

-Dr. Peter Moley

As an athelete, I have had my fair share of sports related injuries and have gone to numerous physical therapy facilities. Now I will only see Rob at Armonk PT & ST. In my opinion, he is one of the most skilled, gifted and motivating Physical Therapists in this area. In addition, he takes a vested interest in his clients, treating you like family, and going above and beyond the call of duty. The examples are numerous, however, two in particular come to mind.

Before my kneecap realignment surgery, Rob called my orthopedist to discuss the procedure, making sure it was the right move for me. Thanks to Rob’s physical therapy skills, my recovery was unprecedented. To this day, my orthopedist still shares my success story with her patients and colleagues.

A few years after my surgery, I was diagnosed with Leukemia ALL. After chemotherapy, fully body radiation, open-heart surgery resulting from an infection, and ultimately a stem cell transplant, my athletic body was destroyed. Once I was ready to re-build, I went right to Rob. When he first saw me I could barely do 30 seconds on the elliptical. Once again, thanks to Rob I made a 100% recovery; I couldn’t have done it without him.

-Julie D.

For both PT and Training, my wife and I know no better experience than Armonk PT. Been through several surgeries and rehab with Rob, he is highly professional and knowledgeable, really zeroing in on each individual issue.

Plus we have worked with their trainers 3 times a week for 10 years, and we have never been in better shape. Everyone has always been personable, capable and attentive!

John M.

I saw Rob at Armonk Physical Therapy for 5 months for a hip injury. I truly had a phenomenal experience-with everything. I found the staff to be very friendly, welcoming and everyone took in an interest in my recovery. I work long hours and at times it was hard for me to find a time for my appointment or I would have to make last minute changes. However, I always felt they did everything they could to fit me in an ensure I was getting treatment several times a week (what I needed for proper recovery).

Everyone that works there is extremely professional. The facility/office space was very clean and they have the newest machines and tools to assist in recovery.

I think the most unique thing about Armonk Physical Therapy is the one on one attention you get from the therapists. It dramatically changed my perspective on recovery. I had Rob with me for the full hour twice a week paying close attention to how I was doing each exercise and would modify the exercises on the spot when I felt pain or discomfort. It was the attention that I felt like I needed to heal my injury and to ensure that I was going about the recovery plan in the right way. I don’t think I would have made nearly as much progress without this one on one attention and dedication. It makes such a difference.

I have had several injuries over the course of my life and have worked with many different physical therapists. By far, Armonk Physical Therapy is the best. I felt like I got the best quality care and it was customized for me in a way that expedited my recovery and allowed for a very positive experience. I would highly recommend Armonk Physical Therapy to anyone.

Ashley C.

Just wow!

Rob and his staff are the absolute best—-caring and smart, smart, smart. You’re not just another pile of muscle and bones on their treatment tables–you’re a living, person with issues, hoping for REAL help. They provide that and more.

Jane Schewior


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