Denise Maloney
Licensed Massage Therapist


  • Comprehensively Trained Pilates instructor through Balanced Body
  • Certified Fascial therapist through Taylor Techniques
  • New York State Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Certified ELDOA™️ Trainer
  • Certified Low Pressure Fitness Trainer



ELDOA™️ Is a French acronym that in English translates to LOADS: longitudinal osteo-articular decoaptative  strengthening/stretching. It is a system of osteo-articular warm-ups, proprioception exercises, functional strengthening exercises, myofascial stretches, and ending with decoaptations (eldoas- postures that put the fascia in tension from head to toe, held at maximum tension for up to one minute).

The ELDOA program includes the spine from C2 down, sacrum, sacro iliac joint, and acetabulum (hip), and the shoulders.  It is a system that will create healthy space and hydration for the joints, and normalizes and improves the quality of the surrounding fasciae. 
ELDOA’s have the power to decompress nerve roots when practiced regularly. This has a very welcome effect on pain levels, and also has the power to potentially improve the function of organs controlled by that nerve (T3 innervates the heart, chest pleura, bronchial tubes, and lungs – L1 innervates the QL, iliopsoas, ileocecal valve, large intestines). The client learns the postures from Denise, our Certified ELDOA™️Trainer so that she/he can learn how to properly perform them when home.
Low Pressure Fitness™️
LPF is a system of training the breath to better manage intra-abdominal pressure with greater efficiency. It combines diaphragmatic release and costal (rib) expansion, relaxation of superficial abdominal muscles, and postural exercises that include the abdominal vacuum, also knows as hypopressives.
This technique has successfully improved the posture and flexibility of many people. It helps lift the navel and the pelvic floor. It has also benefitted the lives of many people that suffered from urinary incontinence, diastasis recti, prolapse, and other pelvic congestion disorders because the breathing  maneuver combined with the postures have the ability to lift up weakened, over stretches inner fasciae. The technique helps vascularization of the pelvic organs with the welcome bonus of lifted abdominals. LPF also helps your parasympathetic nervous system causing improved mood and outlook.
Taylor Techniques Fascial Therapy (Myofascial Release)
Denise has a Fascial Therapy certification (myofascial massage) achieving over 350 hours through Taylor Techniques, learning release protocols for fascia layers, osseous, visceral. These myofascial techniques are very useful in management of pain due to over-use injuries, poor posture, stress/anxiety, or just general relaxation/promotion of well-being. Myofascial Release is a technique of manually getting the layers of fasciae to begin sliding over each other rather than being immobile. Sometimes our bodies need extra assistance to get to homeostasis, and this therapy will definitely help you get there.