Monika Tomasik
Certified Personal Trainer
Corrective Exercises Specialist
Women’s Fitness Specialists
Senior Fitness Specialist


Monika Tomasik is native of Poland where she obtained her Physical Therapy degree at the University of Physical Education in Krakow – Poland and is currently working towards obtaining her NYS Physical Therapy License. For several years, she worked in her origin country in orthopedic and cardiac rehabilitation. When she moved to the United States, she became a personal trainer and since then she has been working as an extremely knowledgeable personal trainer in a physical therapy environment.

With her intense physical therapy background, she trains clients with orthopedic and musculoskeletal injuries, specializing in pre-op and post-op training. In addition, Monika also specialized in hippotherapy as a horseback riding trainer. Due to her lifelong love of sports and many years of athleticism, including her high school and college careers in track, horseback riding, and swimming, she understands how important it is for someone to be strong and active to fully enjoy their life. 

Monika has gained plenty of experience working with high school athletes who aspire to play professionally. She loves working with people and believes that a strong and stable body can help improve the quality of life for any age group. 

With these key ideas in mind, she and her husband immersed their three kids in athletic environments and together they love to participate in all kinds of sports and activities to maintain healthy and balanced lifestyles.